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Dog food made from insects? Crazy? Or cool?

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We know, it sounds a bit strange.

If you imagine eating insects for dinner, you probably won't be thrilled at first. Then why should you feed them to your dog?

Problem intolerances and allergies

The Süddeutsche Zeitung writes “Close to madness - dogs with meat allergies”, the WELT reports “More and more dogs are allergic to meat” and veterinary clinics also confirm that the likelihood of meat sensitization and the resulting allergic reactions is increasing. BugBell addresses this problem of ready-to-eat pet food and addresses the problem that feeding conventional pet food often leads to food intolerances due to emerging meat allergies.

Problem environmental offenders dogs & cats

To put it painfully: If we continue to live so recklessly, we and our loved ones will starve in 30 years. The demand for animal products will increase massively. Since 2008, the number of dog and cat owners in Germany has almost doubled. In 2021 there were 16.7 million cats and 10.3 million dogs in Germany. Almost every third household has a pet. This makes Germany the “dog-richest” country in Europe after Russia. Pet ownership therefore contributes significantly to meat consumption and the associated increasing consumption of resources. Sustainable dog food is our mission, by building our unique dog food blend around a core of eco-friendly, nutritious insect protein, we are pushing for real change in the dog food industry. We firmly believe that BugBell offers forward-thinking dog food and that replacing traditional meat sources such as beef with less harmful alternatives is a critical step in limiting our impact on the climate.

Some people may not have really thought about this issue and may therefore think that the idea of ​​dog food made from insects is a bit far-fetched.

Although many cultures have consumed insects as a staple diet for thousands of years, this is not a common practice in the UK and Europe. Despite their popularity in countries like China and Mexico, a 2019 study by the Pet Food Manufacturing Association (PFMA) found that 36% of owners would avoid feeding insect-based foods to their pets.

We can talk for days about how raising clean insect protein produces a fraction of the greenhouse gas emissions of raising cattle, or how our magical Hermetia illucens larvae pack a protein punch. But we also know that as a responsible furry friend, you need to hear this from an unbiased, professional source.

So what do the experts think?

Yes! Insects are easy to tolerate, provide vital substances and are resource-saving. They are raised in sanitary environments, contain no natural, common allergens, and their food is strictly monitored to prevent disease transmission.

Veterinarians also think insects are a clever idea. They are considered a hypoallergenic source of protein. We speak of hypoallergenic if the product is not very allergenic. It is different with conventional types of meat such as beef, pork or poultry. These varieties often trigger meat allergies in dogs. Therefore, insects are ideal for necessary exclusion diets.

Always look forward - think about tomorrow today

In 2019, the British Veterinary Association (BVA) - the leading veterinary organization in the UK - urged owners to consider switching to insect protein dog food due to the unsustainable production processes of traditional meat-based pet foods.

“It is safe to say that working towards a more sustainable future for our planet and future generations is a defining issue of our time,” says the BVA press release. “In a landscape where expected global population growth and rising living standards in developing countries are expected to double meat consumption by 2050, meeting the demand for sustainable animal nutrition has never been more important.”

The BVA also said that despite some expected uncertainty, its surveys showed that the majority of owners would consider giving their furry friends insect-based dog food.

Is dog food with insects healthy?

Our varieties consist solely of insects as a protein source. This allows us to ensure hypoallergenic and low-purine products. Our natural protein power has been combined with functional ingredients from a range of vegetables, fruits, minerals and vitamins. So it contains everything your dog needs to be happy and healthy, and tastes absolutely delicious.

What do you say, still not convinced?

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