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Angsthund? Was Du tun und vermeiden solltest - BugBell GmbH

Scared dog? What you should do and avoid

Dogs are often loyal companions who give us joy and love. But sometimes they can develop fears, whether due to environmental stimuli, previous experiences or genetics. Being a fearful dog can be...
Top 5 Tipps - Stress und Angst beim Hund

Top 5 tips - stress and anxiety in dogs

Our beloved dogs can suffer from stress and anxiety just like we do. However, unlike us humans, they cannot always clearly express why they are stressed or anxious. Therefore, it is a dog owner'...
CBD-Öl für Hunde

Can my dog ​​consume CBD oil?

As with any pet food trend, there is a lot of information on CBD oil for dogs online, and it's difficult to know what's true and what's exaggerated. Of course you only want the best for your dog, a...
Gesundes Hundefutter | Gestresste Hunde | Erholung und Entspannung | Wellness für den Hund

The relaxation treatment for stressed dogs

Stress in dogs To understand why stress can be harmful to your dog, it's important to understand what stress means. Stress is common for each of us - both you and me. When a dog or human feel...