Our secret recipe: variety for four-legged friends!

Food roulette for dogs: It never gets boring because we bring variety to the bowl! Our furry friends also have different preferences and needs, which is why we cover a wide range of different products and tastes. From gently baked dog biscuits to classic dry food to wet food that you can mix yourself - INNOVATION is very important to us.

  • Future-oriented product solutions for at home and on the go
  • A variety of vegetables and fruits offer a variety of flavors and a wealth of nutrients
  • Sustainable & compatible: Protein from insects or plant sources

BugTerrine: wet food for mixing

Our terrine impresses with its versatile lightness. Easy to carry, easy to dose, easy to prepare. We turn the dry flake-insect mixture into a full-fledged wet food before consumption. This saves a lot of weight, space and unnecessary disposal of opened cans.

Complete wet food: 100g makes 300g wet food ✓ Quick & easy to dose and mix with cold water
✓ Wide range of uses from ice cream to licking mats

BugMix: Baking mix for home baking

The dog baking mix is ​​the ideal snack to do something good for your dog during your coffee break. With a quick preparation in the microwave or oven, you can give your four-legged friend a really big bite of dog biscuit.

✓ Baking mix for baking 160g dog biscuits yourself
Pimp the baking mix with your favorite ingredients as desired
Bake fluffy muffins or firm cookies

BugKeks: dog biscuits with functions

Our natural version of a dog biscuit with all the important nutritional values ​​that your four-legged friend needs for a healthy and active life. Each dog biscuit is made from high-quality ingredients that are specifically tailored to your dog's needs.

✓ Reduced-fat reward treat anytime & anywhere
✓ Functional cookies with ingredients for more health & satisfaction
Suitable for all dog sizes and breeds

BugFood: Dry food for a worry-free life

Our dry food is a revolutionary choice for anyone who wants to preventively strengthen their dog's health. By using carefully selected ingredients, taste is linked to specific functions.

✓ Tolerable dry food for daily needs
✓ Extruded for optimal digestion of the starches
Effective ingredients for more health and well-being