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Fleischallergien bei Hunden

Meat allergies in dogs

So-called “meat allergies” in dogs are a growing concern among pet owners and veterinarians. Although dogs can develop allergies to various substances, such as pollen or certain foods, meat allergi...
Was tun, wenn dein Hund an starken Juckreiz & Hautproblemen leidet? - BugBell GmbH

What to do if your dog suffers from severe itching and skin problems?

How you can help your dog with skin problems such as itching and hair loss You're not alone! You are once again faced with the common and challenging problem of your dog suffering from symptoms...
Ohrenentzündungen bei Hunden - BugBell GmbH

Ear infections in dogs

A common health problem in dogs is inflammation of the external ear canal, often referred to by dog ​​owners as an ear infection. How do I recognize an ear infection? The stages of developmen...
Diätprodukte und Sensitivprodukte

Sensitive products and diet feed

The two products are feed for special nutritional purposes. Sensitive products are suitable for allergy and digestive problems, while diet foods are suitable for those who are overweight. Diet f...
Hypoallergenes Hundefutter

What does hypoallergenic dog food mean?

When it comes to allergies and hypersensitivities in dogs, food is one of the most common causes. Like humans, allergic reactions occur when the dog's immune system overreacts to a protein or compl...