BugTerrine von BugBell– Vielfältigkeit kann so einfach sein!

BugTerrine - Diversity can be so easy!

Our four-legged friends mean a lot to us. They give and love, trust and optimism. They accompany us in several phases of life as well as on a wide variety of landscape excursions. Be it a daily walk, a weekend at the beach or even a whole week of hiking vacation in the mountains.

We want to give our furry friends back some of the diversity that they give to our lives. That's why we developed our tasty Bug Terrine - the 5 minute terrine for every phase of life.

With our new and innovative food concept you can do something good for your dog with delicious food at any time!

It is an insect flake mixture that consists of carefully selected ingredients:

  1. 33% insect meal, dried - this corresponds to approx. 80% fresh insects
  2. Grain and gluten free carbohydrate source
  3. Seeds and seeds such as psyllium husks, which promote digestion
  4. Fruits and vegetables with high-quality nutrients

We cover our protein needs solely with our insects and do not use cheaper vegetable proteins. Therefore, with a proportion of 33% insect meal, we are comparatively high.

All sorts of food fun for your dog: from classic wet food to travel food, wholesome licking fun to liquid food

The flake mixture (100g) is poured with cold or lukewarm water (200ml) before consumption. 100g of the flakes make 300g of wet food . This makes the Bug Terrine a light and productive form of wet food. You don't have to carry cans, you save space and unpleasant smells. We only touch what our furry friends eat. There are no more open cans in the fridge. Our food is therefore ideal for walks in the forest or hikes in the mountains. You add water to the cup, stir and your four-legged friend can eat directly from the cup. Finally there is wet food for on the go.

The dry form means we can fill the product in compostable paper packaging and do not need to be sterilized. This means we do not destroy the important nutritional values ​​of the ingredients.

Even if it is a wet food, with the BugTerrine we have the opportunity to offer larger containers - similar to dry food. For you this means: less waste as well as easier and space-saving transport and uncomplicated storage.

There are even more reasons why we offer the terrine in a dry form. Drying is a method of preserving food by removing water. It is one of the oldest preservation methods. The low moisture content protects, for example, food from spoiling. All components are dried separately using warm air.

Our insects are not added as whole larvae, but as flour so that they can combine with the other ingredients.
Drying preserves nutrients and allows us to work without chemicals and synthetic preservatives.

The feeding recommendation is designed for the dry product, meaning you add more or less water as you wish and get a variety of consistencies and possible uses:

4 reasons for mixing wet food

As a healthy complete food for at home

Light terrine for a complete and nutritious meal. As a single portion or in bags.

As a tasty activity

Boredom? Not with the Bug Terrine. Add a little more water and get a more liquid consistency ideal for licking. Whether in the Kong or on a lick plate, your four-legged friend will never get bored again.

As a terrine to go

Finally a wet food for uncomplicated travel - easy, fed directly from the cup and disposed of in organic waste.

Liquid food for special situations

Does your dog suffer from toothache, difficulty swallowing or is simply unable to chew properly due to aging? No problem. Dilute the terrine enough that you can bottle it as liquid food! You have already made your furry friend and yourself happy.

We are enthusiastic about the possible uses of the terrine – were we able to convince you too?

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