Complete feed according to FEDIAF guidelines: The food serves as complete food for adult dogs and covers the daily requirement of all necessary nutritional values ​​(including minerals, trace elements, vitamins). It can also replace individual meals. The daily ration information is a guideline. Individual needs vary depending on breed, age and activity. Divide the daily ration into at least 2 rations and feed them at room temperature. Additional feeding of snacks should be taken into account in the daily ration. Please always provide fresh drinking water. Please store the product in a cool and dry place.

Changing feed: For a complete change, please proceed as follows:

Complete the changeover in 7 days. Depending on the dog's sensitivity.

✓ Day 1-2: 75% current feed | 25% BugBell food
✓ Day 3-4: 50% current feed | 50% BugBell food
✓ Day 5-6: 25% current feed | 75% BugBell lining
✓ Day 7: Welcome to the BugBuddies