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Soft snack sticks - beetrootSoft snack sticks - beetroot
Soft snack sticks - beetroot
Sale priceFrom €2,79
€4,65 /100g
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Soft snack sticks - carrotSoft snack sticks - carrot
Soft snack sticks - carrot
Sale priceFrom €2,79
€4,65 /100g
BugFutter dry food - coat care and parasite defense - carrot & yeast
Sale price€64,99 Regular price€77,70Save €12,71
€9,28 /kg
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Veganes Nassfutter - Kraft und Energie - BugBell GmbHVeganes Nassfutter - Kraft und Energie - BugBell GmbH
Soft snack bag for treats
Sale price€9,99
Dry food - light food for intolerances
Sale priceFrom €13,99
€15,54 /kg
Baking Mat & Ice Cube Tray
Sale price€11,99
Dog biscuits - purification and detoxification
Sale priceFrom €4,89
€32,60 /kg
Mixed wet food trial package - 2x relaxation treatment, 2x lucky charm, 2x power pack
Sale price€14,99 Regular price€17,94Save €2,95
€24,98 /kg
BugMix Trial Package - 2 x Relaxation Cure | 2 x lucky charms | 2 x powerhouse
Sale price€24,99 Regular price€28,14Save €3,15
€41,65 /kg
BugKeks trial package - 2 x relaxation treatment | 2 x lucky charms | 2 x powerhouse
Sale price€26,49 Regular price€29,34Save €2,85
€29,43 /kg
Bugbag (cotton gym bag)
Sale price€3,49
Goodleen "BonBon" baking mat
Sale price€33,20
Goodleen Donuts Baking Mat
Sale price€30,05
Dry food - fur care and parasite defense (new process)
Sale priceFrom €9,99
€11,10 /kg
Dog biscuit - harmony and contentment
Sale priceFrom €4,89
€32,60 /kg
Dog poop bags + dispenser
Sale priceFrom €2,29
Biodegradable dog waste bags
Sale priceFrom €1,29
Dry food - harmony and satisfaction
Sale priceFrom €9,99
€11,10 /kg
Dry food - relaxation and calming
Sale priceFrom €9,99
€11,10 /kg
Dry food - strength and energy
Sale priceFrom €9,99
€11,10 /kg
Bug mix for baking yourself - strength and energy
Sale price€4,69
€46,90 /kg

frequently asked Questions

What is BugBell?

  • We act preventatively and therefore use the high-quality ingredients not only in the snack area, but also in complete feed!
  • We are so transparent, you could mix our food yourself at home!
  • We write all the recipes ourselves and can fully stand behind them!

Experiences with BugBell food are predominantly positive , especially for dogs with special health requirements such as allergies, intolerances, kidney failure or problems with the pancreas. Many owners report that BugBell has become a true anchor for them in times of need , as the specially formulated food has produced significant improvements in their dogs' health. The positive response includes reports of better digestion, fewer allergic reactions, improved coat quality and an overall higher quality of life for the animals.

Alternative proteins

Alternative proteins in dog food come from sources other than traditional meat products such as beef, chicken or pork. These include insects, bacteria, plants (such as chickpeas or lentils) and laboratory-grown meat. These sources are considered more sustainable alternatives to conventional meat because they require fewer resources to produce and often have a lower environmental impact.

Alternative protein foods can offer several benefits, including lower environmental impact and an alternative for dogs with specific meat allergies or intolerances. Many dogs with food allergies or intolerances react to certain proteins in their food. Alternative protein sources can be an excellent option as they are less likely to trigger allergic reactions and allow an elimination diet to be carried out to identify the allergens.

Costs can vary, but products with alternative proteins are often slightly more expensive due to the specialized ingredients and still very manual production methods. However, the investment can quickly pay for itself through the health benefits.

Start by introducing the new food slowly, gradually mixing it with the existing food over a period of about 7-10 days. This will help your dog's gastrointestinal tract adapt to the new food and minimize the risk of indigestion.

Insects and plant proteins taste different than traditional meat. Since dogs are also creatures of habit, there may be a certain reluctance at first. It may take some getting used to before the dog accepts the new food. However, it is not uncommon for this to be the beginning of a great love for the new source.

Functional dog food

Functional ingredients are specially selected components that provide health benefits beyond basic nutrients. These include, for example, vitamin B components that ensure a shiny coat and healthy skin, probiotics to support healthy intestinal flora or essential oils to strengthen the natural defense against parasites. These ingredients can help prevent atypical symptoms such as severe itching or eating stool and improve your dog's quality of life.

Absolutely! Functional dog food can be used not only to treat certain health problems, but also preventatively in healthy dogs. It offers an optimized supply of nutrients and supports the dog in maintaining its general health and vitality.

The length of time can vary from dog to dog, but many owners report positive changes after just 2-3 weeks of feeding functional dog food. It is important to give the food continuously to achieve long-term results and promote the dog's health.

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