Erkältung bei Hunden

Cold in dogs - is that possible?

Another summer is coming to an end and the last sunny days are coming to an end. Autumn is just around the corner and with it come viruses and bacteria.

Just wearing short, airy clothes, it's time to get out your raincoat again. This sharp change in weather can quickly lead to a cold. But what if our four-legged friends are suddenly affected?

How to quickly recognize symptoms of a cold in dogs?

Has your dog been sneezing more often lately and has more flow coming out of his nose? These are probably the easiest and most common signs of a cold. It is not uncommon for the disease to also cause watery eyes and a high temperature. Isn't your barker running around outside as usual and is sleepy and limp, and no treats help to pick him up? These are also possible symptoms of hypothermia.

My dog ​​has a cold - what now?

Our 5 tips - this is how your little one can get back on their feet very quickly:

  1. Lots of rest and sleep can do wonders
  2. A warm bed is just the thing right now!
  3. Drinking enough water is essential. Tea can also help, and sage acts as an expectorant. Chamomile, on the other hand, relieves the pain of our furry friends.
  4. When walking the dog, just go for a short walk around the block instead of planning a long walk. Until your dog has recharged his energy again.
  5. Last but not least - the right food. BugBell offers a wide range of vitamin-rich food to suit every taste.

Dogs don't differ much from us humans when they have a cold. Depending on the severity of the signs, you may want to visit the vet and have your dog examined.

What are the causes and can they be avoided?

Just like us, dogs also react to the change between warm and cold temperatures. A sweater can help and looks cute at the same time. Wet fur on rainy days can also cause a cold, so care should be taken to dry vulnerable dogs after going for a walk. If you are plagued by a cold yourself, then it is better not to cuddle with your four-legged friend, because humans are also considered carriers of viruses. If your dog already has a weakened immune system, he is considered particularly vulnerable. Ultimately, prevention is the best treatment, exercise and the right food.

A cold is not unlikely for dogs, so we should take care of our furry friends, especially in the cold season.

A cold is not unlikely for dogs, so we should take care of our furry friends, especially in the cold season.

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